Leadership By Models

Leadership By Models is a 1-day program, combing leadership essentials from various literatures and own experiences into simplistic models, using frameworks, leadership metaphors and acronyms, that are easy to learn and apply. Each model addresses crucial characterises of great leaders, enabling participants to build an environment of trust, develop people, create inspiring visions and lead people through change. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their own leadership values and style and will create an action plan to achieve sustainable results through healthy relationships.

Morning Session: Leading Self & People

  • TR2UST – Leading & Managing
  • EFFORT – Personal Leadership Style
  • FEEDBACK – Leadership Currency
  • 360-DEGREE Leader

Afternoon Session: Leading Business & Change

  • POET – Leadership Principles
  • FEES – Motivation & Delegation
  • PEOPLE – Leading Change
  • NORM – Challenge Status Quo

The course is conceptualized for interactive learning and can be customized to the needs of the respective company and/or target group.

Successful people become great leaders when they learn to shift focus from themselves to others.” – Marshall Goldsmith

The greatest contribution of a leader is to make other leaders.” – Simon Sinek

With Leadership by Models, follow simple goal models and lead simply as role model. 

As a Leader, be a compass
As a Leader, build a strong character, give guidance like a compass and develop people like a coach.

(C) ATvisor; Picture Source: w-dog.net