Li8ht Your LIFETM is a 2-day program designed to make a difference in the life of people who want to make a difference for themselves and those around them. On Day 1, participants are led along the LIFE model to understand how our Logos (conscious and subconscious mind), our distraction by Form (such as appearance, possessions and achievements) as well as our Emotions limit us from seeing who we truly are and help to discover the real “I”. Day 2 follows an 8-steps process with the purpose to craft an individual plan for a meaningful balanced, healthy and Li8ht Life with a personal commitment to relevant actions: 

  • Day 1 – Master Your LIFE Through Self-Awareness along 4 LIFE Areas of Self-Discovery: Logos, I, Form, Emotions
  • Day 2 – Light your LIFE along 8 Steps towards your New LIFE Plan: 1. Limiting Beliefs, 2. Lessons Learnt, 3. Leaving Old, 4. Leading New, 5. Language, 6. Lifestyle, 7. Legacy, 8. Life Plan


Create your life

The course is based on scientific researches and a blended approach of facilitation, videos, self-reflections, group discussions, peer learning as well as action planning. Optional, the program can be delivered as a 1-day version.

Li8ht Your LIFE – Create your life! Live a life in quality and serenity. Live a life you don’t need leave from.



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