A New Normal – A New Humanity

What is “normal”?

Many of us currently wish for one thing and one thing only: Going back to normal. But what is “normal”?

By definition, “normal” means adhering to a norm, a rule. Then, one could consider life as pretty “normal” at the moment, just that we adhere to new rules, living a new normal.

In a wider sense, we associate “normal” with the ‘status quo’ or ‘how it is supposed to be’. In that sense, we may also ask ourselves, how “normal” was it before? How normal is it to have 3 to 4 meals a day, several vacations a year, drinking water running from the tab, or the freedom to leave the house without the risk of getting shot? Many people on this planet never experienced this kind of “normal”.

It is said that imagination is one gift that separates us humans from animals. Have we misused our imagination? When talking about self-actualization, we are often asked to dream big. When dreaming big however, we imagine ourselves in big positions, traveling the world and ticking off a bucket list of all those have-to-have’s and have-to-do’s. What if we were to use our imagination to imagine a new world with a new humanity, wherein people understand and support each other more, where we consume less and care more, where we understand that less can be more, so much more? Imagine what such a world could look like – and what you could contribute to it. People being self-aware achieve self-actualization once they shift the focus from themselves to others. Don’t see success as following the crowd but following your calling. Once you have discovered your true self, help others to find theirs. It is called human-kind; so let’s be human, let’s be kind.

I see a New Humanity

I see families spending more time together.
I see people starting things they always wanted to do.
I see bosses finally trusting their employees to work from home.
I see  volunteering increasing throughout communities.
I see people helping each and supporting each other.
I see heart-warming messages with great advices.
I see wonderful creativity and positivity.

I see less need for travel, privately as well as professionally
I see brighter skies and clearing waters.

Together, let’s create a new society based on a higher level of humanity, empathy – and serenity with gratitude.

Consider these

  • It is not the happy ones who are grateful, it is the grateful ones who are happy. What are you grateful for?
  • Having happiness in every moment, depends on the choice we make at any moment. Happiness can not be found in persons and things around us, but only from within us. Everything is a choice. What is your choice today?

It is never about the situation. It is always about our reaction. Always act from a place of love with empathy and react with compassion from a state of serenity.

Choose ATvisor™ – Live wiser.

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