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Enabling sustainable & successful change for organizations, teams and individuals

Based on our mission to make a positive difference in the lives of people by intentionally being different, we have lined up a rather different series of coaching options and online courses for you to explore what suits you best.

Leadership Development

Unfold the Serene Leader© in You is a self-paced online Leadership Development Program to find the Y in Your individual Leadership STYLE. Lead by Models – Become a Role Model. Become the Leader whom People want to follow.

This program allows you to find the natural successful leader in you, rather than following practices which made others successful. 

Integrative Coaching

Follow our unique Coaching approach, blending essential techniques from Coaching, Leading Change, Cognitive Behavior, Mindfulness and Wellness with insights from Behavioral Research, Neuroscience and Psychology. Become the leader of your personal change with I SMILE©.

This program is based on our ATvisor – Live Wiser™ concept and leaves no stone unturned.


Coach yourself  with our Self-Coaching Book Intentionally Becoming Different, an engaging self-development guide to “unfolding your true self.”

This program is guided by e-Coaching support and a great way to discover your true self, the I in your LIFE.


Li8ht Your LIFE™ is designed for people who resonate with the insight and drive to transform their lives.

This customizable program enables a sustainable personal change in mindset and behavior towards an enriched and balanced life, a life you don’t need a leave from.


Get professional coaching and advice at your fingertips via e-mail – anytime, anywhere, at your own pace and on your preferred platform.

Like all our coaching programs, e-Coaching is also applicable for groups, teams and couples.

This program is a flexible and affordable way to start coaching. 

Themed Coaching

Our themed coaching programs provide intentionally different solutions for all kinds of situations.

Flow Coaching – Go with your flow & let go.

Couple Coaching – Co-create a future in bliss.

Speed Coaching – Pure insights, new perspectives, quick results

Academy of ATvisor™

Featured Courses

Integrative Coaching at your Fingertips – Anytime & Anywhere; for 2 Months, limited to 10 e-Mails

Be coached as you become a role model

Put EFFORT in yourself with STYLE

Making your change
successful and sustainable

Get intentionally different perspectives and fresh insights on change.
Embrace your change and make it stick.

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