Be Time-Wise

In these busy and hectic days, everybody seems to run after time – or rather out of time, looking eagerly for time management concepts. “Time Management” however is a misnomer. By definition, management is about control. While time ticks away second by second, we cannot control time. We cannot stop time, speed up time or stockpile time. Time can be neither bought nor sold nor traded. We don’t “own” time; therefore, we never really “have” time.

What we can do however, is to change our mindset with regards to time from “I SPEND my time on what I have to do” to “I INVEST my time in what I really need and want to do”.

Looking at time like money that can be either invested or just spent, can make the whole difference. Do you spend time lavishly or invest it wisely?

Money-wise people set aside a significant amount from their income account for investments that deliver a return rather than spending most of the monthly pay on expenditures. They invest in pension, appropriate insurances, mortgage payments, charity and sinking funds to prepare for emergencies and bigger purchase before starting spending.

To become a time-wise person, imagine you had a time account which gets topped up with 168 hours at the beginning of each week. Like the money-wise person, you would start setting aside a significant amount of hours in wise time investments rather than just spending time. Here are some time investment advices: Firstly, set time aside for yourself – your me-time for recreation, rejuvenation and relearning – since time invested in yourself pays the highest return on investment and the best long-term dividend. Secondly, invest time in building healthy relationships based on trust and respect. Healthy relationships in return are like the oil that makes everything run smoother and faster. Thirdly, allocate time investments to the 3 to 4 things you could do in that respective week that bring you forward, personally and professionally; this important project or presentation, that evening course or that important meeting with a family member or associate. Finally, time invested in voluntarism pays the most beautiful dividend. Once those important time investments are done, the remaining time will still rush through your hands – but at least you have taken care of your most important assets.

“Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.” – Carl Sandburg

Thus, be time-wise. Stop spending time on the have-to-does, start investing time in the want-to-does and begin your weekly time budgeting today.

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