Jive your Life in Five

Five thoughts to bring more Jive into your Life


1) Overcome Anxiety as it is your major Enemy

Anxiety is an overly dramatic projection and fearful use of imagination. Objectively, anxiety is irrational and impractical. Anxiety stops us from experimenting, changing, growing. Anxiety makes us sick, mentally and physically. Let go of anxiety through positivity and curiosity.

2) Embrace Family as your number one Treasury 

On our life journey, family is the first to look after us – and will be the last to take care of us. Never forget that. Try to resolve family matters.

3) See Friends as your second pair of Hands

Hands that will hold you, support you, uplift you, applaud you, hug you. If they don’t, they are not hands of a real friend. Invest time in friendship and be this extra pair of hands for others.

4) Celebrate Health as your key Wealth

The healthy can have many dreams, the sick has only one. Eat well, rest well, relax. Don’t take health for granted until it is too late.

5) Make your true Passion your real Possession

We can lose what we can look at, but we can never lose what we are good at. Don’t get lost in building status. Experiment in what you are good at, then belief in yourself and master it – and you will never be redundant.

If this resonated with you, remember it, live it. Turn anxiety into curiosity, celebrate family, friends and health – and live your passion.

Life is precious. Treasure the moment and focus on the important.

Jive your life by those Five. Live a Life you don’t need Leave from.

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