People are the business

People ARE the Business

As long as announcements on job cuts are applauded by stock markets with increasing share prices, any talk on employee/people-centric leadership is merely an echo to the drums of the shareholders. Ethical leadership emerges through Serene Leaders© who understand employees as the most important stakeholders – in words and in actions.

Imagine a company culture description in a job advertisement, in which the founder is quoted by saying “Strip away everything. Strip away our brand, strip away our buildings, strip away our offices. What are we left with? Our People.” Well, this is what we call people centric leadership. He clearly understood that people are the business and the most important stakeholder. Engaged employees generate excited customers and shareholders – not vice-versa.

In ‘Talent Unleashed we read that “Leadership happens one conversation at a time”. Simon Sinek therefore expands by saying “Leadership is a way of thinking, a way of acting, and most importantly, a way of communicating.

And to conclude with Sir Richard Branson: “Take care of your people and they will take care of your business”.


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