Revive your Life with Re-Five

Revive your Life with Re-Five

As the world seems to restart, restart as a new self with five thoughts to revive your life.

1. Reflect: Take some time to reflect on yourself and your current life situations. List down what is going well and be grateful for every little item. Challenge what is not going so well and see how you can change this.

2. Relearn: Have the courage to let go of outdated knowledge, skills and experiences that no longer suit you. Be open and experimental with acquiring new insights and making new experience. It is very rewarding.

3. Reconnect: Review your most important relationships. Which one could need some extra investment of your time? Maintaining healthy relationships is the key for a successful, healthy and happy life.

4. Rejuvenate: Take time to invest in yourself. Look at yourself from a whole person perspective and make sure your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing are well in balance.

5. Relax: Take things easy and yourself less seriously. Learn to laugh about yourself and tense situations. Humor is one of the best medicines. Find time for yourself, make me-time in moments of stillness. Become serene from inside-out. Become the Serene Leader© of your life. Serenity is the true source of life energy.


If this resonated with you, make Re-Five a habit and assign each of the five pointers to a weekday. Remember it, live it and start into blissful weekends every week.
Revive your life by those five. Live a Life you don’t need Leave from.

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