360 Degree Leader

Simple Leadership Principles

Keep it Simple on Leadership. Be a role model!

  1. Be the person, not the position
  2. Excite people about the purpose and engage through meaningful work
  3. Be a coach, developing the best in people
  4. Be a compass, showing the direction without micromanaging
  5. Be a great character based on values of trust and respect
  6. Put people before processes
  7. Create a people-centric culture based on humanity & respect
  8. Treat everyone individually, based on their talents and aspirations


Everyone is driven by purpose and progress. However, not everyone seeks for purpose and progress in their profession. Many people choose family, community or even a hobby to excel. While one doesn’t exclude the other, we achieve the results we want in life best by focusing on what is really important to us in life. Hence, some people may focus on the personal sphere rather than on the professional one. We should embrace employees who just want to do their job, take their money and go home. While supervisors could get frustrated over an apparent lack of ambition, those employees may not only be the backbone of a team, but also the most loyal employees. And honestly, isn’t finding purpose and progress in the person who we become more important than pursuing it in the positions we behold?

Bring humanity and serenity back into leadership.

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