Simple Life Principles

Keep it simple on Life. Live your Life.

“The lessons which are really hard, provide the learning which sets us truly apart.”

Most posts on social media are about success stories and achievements. However, the valleys in life can teach us lessons that mountain tops never will. To all people who currently face the adversities of life:

1. Know that your value does not depend on the opinion of other people.

2. See failure as part of success and mistakes as you best teacher.

3. Acknowledge that the path of lasting change leads through a valley of despair.

4. Don’t walk alone; look for a helping hand.

5. Embrace the lessons to be learnt; emerge stronger, better, wiser.

6. Get up and don’t give up!


Every crisis is a turning point. Simplify your life and know you are not alone.

“Whenever you think it is going nowhere, there will be a shining light from somewhere.”

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