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What is your Favorite Inspirational Quote?

There are tons of mind-blowing life-change quotes available; thousands of them are shared on social media every day. They are browsed through, liked – and forgotten. Most of these quotes however, harbor deep wisdom. They need to be reflected and digested in order to be applied consciously.

One of my favorite quotes is from the late Dr. Wayne Dyer:

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.

Behind this nice word play lies a deep insight. We don’t see things as they are, but how we perceive them based on our experiences, education and environment. Once we change the perspective on a given situation, the very same situation will appear much more favorable. Looking at things differently induces a mindset shift that can free us from many small problems in our daily life. Here are some examples:

  • Instead of labeling the employee as ‘difficult’, we may ask what made the employee become ‘difficult’ as we surely didn’t employ a ‘difficult’ person.
  • Instead of cursing the driver who cut our way, refrain from taking it personal. (S)he may not have even seen us – they just saw the free spot. Let them have it, and wish them well.
  • Instead of getting angry and noisy over a service that is not to our expectations, have empathy for the service staff. Most likely (s)he has a though job – and maybe a bad day on top of that.
  • Instead of getting frustrated why the other person just doesn’t want to get our points, let’s ask ourselves, if we got theirs.
  • Instead of ruining a dinner outing because the food arrived late, be grateful that it finally came – and enjoy it.


In which ways could you look at something differently today? It is all about perspective!

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