ATvisor™ was founded by Alexander Trost in 2005 with the initial intention to provide professional advice at a competitive price to small and medium sized enterprises in the field of Human Capital / Leadership & Talent Development, Operations and Process Optimization.

In 2018, the ATvisor™ portfolio was extended beyond Management Consulting / Executive Advisory into the areas of Integrative Coaching, Training Facilitation, Self-Development and Leadership Programs with the Mission “Making a Positive Difference in the Lives of People who want to make a Difference”.

ATvisor™ sets the highest Moral Standards. Client confidentiality and wellbeing is our utmost priority. ATvisor™ abides by the Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC) Code of Ethics and follows the eleven Core Coaching Competencies developed by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as well as the seven Professional Ethics and Values of Continuing Education & Training (CET) as defined by the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL). ATvisor™ is a Privately Held Company officially registered in Singapore (UEN 53046538L) since June 2005. ATvisor – Live wiser™ is officially trademarked with the Registrar of Trade Marks Singapore (40201810817X).

Live Wiser™ is an integrative Self-Development approach blending essential techniques from Coaching, Leading Change, Cognitive Behavior, Mindfulness and Wellness with insights from Behavioral Research, Neuroscience and  Psychology – individually tailored for each client. Live Wiser™ builds on the belief that sustainable behavior change is unleashed by lasting mindset shifts that come from within.

Choose ATvisor™ – Live wiser, Lead wiser.


Alexander Trost is a Certified Coach, Change Practice Leader, Facilitator, Trainer and Assessor with a successful track record in Mentoring & Coaching, Consulting, People Development, Change Programs, Leadership and General Management, bringing along profound practical experiences in Public Speaking & Facilitating, Talent & Training Programs as well as in Mindfulness, NLP and CBT. Besides his tertiary education in Business Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering, Alexander studied Human Capital Leadership, Psychology and Philosophy. As former CFO and CHRO, Alexander gained extensive professional experience in Program Development & Execution, Management Consulting, Production / Operations Optimization, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Finance and Human Capital Leadership. He has successfully led projects in Business and Production Strategy, Operations Optimization, Post Merger Integration, Carve-out, Talent and Leadership Programs. He authored books on General Management and Self-Development as well as several articles on Leadership, advocating Serenity and Humanity in Leadership. As Founder of ATvisor™, he coined the term Serene Leader© and created the Li8ht Your LIFE™ coaching program. Besides supporting numerous Humanitarian Organizations, he also engages as a passionate pro-bono Mentor, Coach and Career Adviser. Alexander is a Keynote Speaker, Regional Practice Leader & Associate Consultant with FranklinCovey Singapore (FCS) and Member of the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) Singapore as well as of the Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC). For more details, kindly download the Profile.