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“I met Alexander Trost when he conducted a change management training program for our organization. Alexander impressed me at many levels. The pre-training preparation was meticulous, which enabled him to stay relevant to our specific organizational needs. As a coach, he was sensitive to the energy and the learning need in the room. He has great clarity of thought and adds context from other modules if he believes it relevant to the learning need in the room. He also channels the energy in the room and keeps everyone engaged. His post training follow-up was excellent, too. He assessed our learning and coached us to use the tools from the training. As a result of Alexander’s focus on the follow-through, I believe that our team was able to effectively manage the several changes that we went through at an organizational level. I would highly recommend Alexander as a coach.”

S. B., General Manager, American MNC in Business Travel

“Alexander Trost is a great trainer and coach who has vast experience in the field of HR and mentoring people. I had the pleasure to have Alexander as trainer for two sessions with our APAC leadership team. Alexander’s ability to interact with people of different cultures and background is exceptional and his personality was the major driver of success for our leadership sessions. The team truly enjoyed interacting with him even beyond the training. As a trainer and coach Alexander earns my highest recommendation.”

B. F., Regional President, French MNC in Handling Equipment and Machinery

“Dear Alexander, Although our Management Team had very high expectations when we enrolled in your course, you managed to exceed them. You are an inspiring Leader and Facilitator – as a result, our Management Team was engaged and enthusiastic. I am sure that we got the maximum possible benefit from the course. We have rigorously applied your teachings and attitude to our own leadership and management standards.”

J. B., Vice President, German MNC in Design and Engineering

“I met Alexander as a participant during a training , where he was the facilitator. The training was fantastic, infused with positive energy, wisdom and priceless insights. We connected afterwards and now he is my coach/mentor. I am fortunate to have met Alexander. His human centric approach is the secret to victory for any individual and/or organization.”

B. K., Director Rewards, American MNC in Customer Relationship Management Solution

“After experiencing Alexander Trost as energetic and well structure facilitator, we engaged him as consultant and coach. Alexander’s ability to think analytically as well as strategically, his empathic communication style and his profound understanding of company functions & processes, combined with his sensitivity for people matters brought us forward, professionally and personally. Alexander’s approach is refreshingly different, and I highly recommend the services of him and ATvisor™.”

Dr. C. M., Managing Director, Singaporean SME in Electronics and Engineering

“I am impressed by the ability of Alexander Trost to develop others. His EQ and sincerity enable him to quickly establish trust and the underpinnings of his ability to coach effectively. Alexander himself has been a senior business leader and this experience enables him to relate to the pressures and challenges of his clients.”

Dr. S. W., Managing Partner, American Executive Search and Consulting Firm

“I have had the pleasure to meet up with Alexander Trost after I bought a copy of his book “Management by Models – General Management by Three’s”, an inspiring & value adding book that taught me models of management development, which has led me to implement practical application to embark on proper management in my company. During my time as Secretary to Association of Professional Trainers Singapore (APTS), I experienced Alexander as an outstanding, enlightening, professional and motivational speaker. He has an outshining personality and serves as inspiring mentor. I highly recommend him, my best mentor.”

Dr. D. K., Vice President Quality Management, German MNC in Safety, Security and Sustainability Solutions and Certifications

“I have had the privilege of knowing Alexander Trost for many years now. He has been a loyal and trusted advisor. Whenever we meet, I find him growing in the traits that make him a fantastic coach. I highly recommend Alexander. He’s just a great guy!”

M. N., Co-Founder, Singaporean SME in Digital Solutions

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