Embrace 2021 – Embrace Change

What will 2021 bring for us? This is the question many people have in mind. What if 2020 was just a precursor for what 2021 has in store for us? This is the question most people don’t dare to ask.

While we all wish for the situation to change, what if we wished for this situation so we would change? Despite all the mayhem, the recent crisis also comes with many gifts:

  • Children see their parents more often
  • Companies generally accepted and trusted working from home
  • Volunteerism increased in our communities
  • People look out for each other more than ever
  • Health became recognized as our true wealth
  • Innate talents have been discovered by people finally investing more time in themselves
  • Nature took a major breather

And the list could go on. Every crisis is part of a change since every change has a point of crisis. While the best things in our lives – such as getting that job or promotion, finding a partner or becoming parent – are a result of change, we are generally afraid of change. When looking at the change curve, don’t focus on the valley of despair and its point of crisis, focus on the two peaks it is connecting. We can’t jump from one mountain top to another; we have to descend and start all over again.

Sustainable change with enthusiasm is possible once we turn anxiety into curiosity, having the courage to change our fixed mindsets and limiting beliefs. Be resilient toward change with an optimistic attitude and a character deeply rooted in positive values and principles.

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