Inspirational Quotes by Alexander Trost

Live a Life you don’t need a Leave from
58 Inspirational Quotes by Alexander Trost, Founder of ATvisor™ – Live & Lead wiser.


  1. “Life can be so simple, once we stop trying so hard to complicate it.” – Alexander Trost
  2. “Serenity is the true Source of Life Energy.” – Alexander Trost
  3. “See any regret as a possible reset.” – Alexander Trost
  4. “Based on Integrity and Serenity, become the Person whom people want to follow,
    don’t behold the Position which people have to follow.” – Alexander Trost
  5. “It is never about the Situation. It is always about our Reaction.” – Alexander Trost
  6. “Count your blessing – not what’s missing.” – Alexander Trost
  7. “Life is not so much about achieving results,
    rather about building relationships.” – Alexander Trost
  8. “When you focus more on people, results will come.
    When you focus more on results, people will go.” – Alexander Trost
  9. “A Great Character is your best Personal Brand.
    A Trusted Company Culture is your best Corporate Brand.” – Alexander Trost
  10. “Doing more right, simply by doing less wrong.” – Alexander Trost
  11. “Don’t design your life towards a constant career push;
    design your career towards a clear life purpose.” – Alexander Trost
  12. “Live a Life you don’t need a Leave from.” – Alexander Trost
  13. “We should unfold what is in us, rather than being told to be like the rest of us.” – Alexander Trost
  14. “The Quality of the Life you get is a result of your Mindset.” – Alexander Trost
  15. “If you don’t know where you are heading, every step leads into the wrong direction.” – Alexander Trost
  16. “There is no ‘leading business’.
    Since people are the business, ‘leading people’ is the serious business.” – Alexander Trost
  17. “When you give without expectations, you will receive unexpectedly.” – Alexander Trost
  18. “Freedom is founded on Rights and Responsibilities.
    While we are fast in claiming our Rights, how vast are we in living our Responsibilities?” – Alexander Trost
  19. “We may not learn for life, rather live to learn.” – Alexander Trost
  20. “On your life journey, don’t compete with others;
    compete with yourself to complete a better version of yourself.” – Alexander Trost
  21. Start the day in stillness, finish the day in gratefulness –
    and everything in-between is bliss and happiness.” – Alexander Trost
  22. “Bank on the value you deposit on others,
    don’t utter about the value you deposit in your bank.” – Alexander Trost
  23. “Everything happens for a reason. It is up to us to reason over the reason.” – Alexander Trost
  24. “Make life a fun learning experiment –
    for yourself and for the people around you.” – Alexander Trost
  25. “The greatest deed we can ever seed, is to help a fellow human in need.” – Alexander Trost
  26. “Make a difference. Be different. Allow to be different.
    Embrace Diversity as Differences impartially valued excel results substantially in teams & yourself.” – Alexander Trost
  27. “Seeking outer independence makes eventually dependent.
    Seeking inner balance creates true independence.” – Alexander Trost
  28. “While we are by nature human beings, it takes some efforts to naturally being humane.” – Alexander Trost
  29. “Embracing your own and others’ differences will make all the difference.” – Alexander Trost
  30. “If you want to give the greatest present, just be fully present.” – Alexander Trost
  31. “Live Life Like a Miracle – and Leave a Legacy.” – Alexander Trost
  32. “Mastering the art of Feedback is your way to Lead-forward.” – Alexander Trost
  33. “Don’t care so much what others think of you,
    rather think how you can care for others.” – Alexander Trost
  34. “The best leaders are the ones who are hardly recognized being around.” – Alexander Trost
  35. “To truly discover the world, uncover your true self.” – Alexander Trost
  36. Great Leaders choose the position they take toward people
    over the position they hold within the organization.” – Alexander Trost
  37. “To unfold your life in quality, uphold your equanimity.” – Alexander Trost
  38. “Simply put Humanity as the biggest common denominator in any Activity around Diversity.” – Alexander Trost
  39. “Everything has been said – just not by everyone.” – Alexander Trost
  40. “In your Life Game, follow your Name.” – Alexander Trost
  41. “Manage things responsibly. Lead people respectfully.” – Alexander Trost
  42. “Character always beats Personality.” – Alexander Trost
  43. “Love your past Courageously.
    Live your present Consciously.
    Look into your future Curiously.” – Alexander Trost
  44. “We are what we stand for, not what we long for.” – Alexander Trost
  45. “Excite people with food for thought,
    rather than making them feel being taught.” – Alexander Trost
  46. “As a Leader, act like a Compass rather than like a Navigation System.” – Alexander Trost
  47. “Facing a heap of digital connections, let’s also feed our social interactions.” – Alexander Trost
  48. “If you do Not Work your Net, Networking is Not Working.” – Alexander Trost
  49. “If it’s something different we want to get, we must start with a different mindset.” – Alexander Trost
  50. “Money-making should just be a means, never the meaning of a company.” – Alexander Trost
  51. “Your worth is not defined by your income, rather by the person who you become.” – Alexander Trost
  52. “A life without purpose is like making coffee without beans. It looks busy but gets you nowhere.” – Alexander Trost
  53. “Let go of the past as history.
    Love the future as a mystery.
    Live in the presence with serenity.” – Alexander Trost
  54. “Only because people don’t show their care in the way you wish they were,
    doesn’t mean that they don’t care.” – Alexander Trost
  55. “We are all a part of each other. Let’s not live apart from each other.” – Alexander Trost
  56. “When talking about Climate Change, let’s Change the Climate in which we talk.” – Alexander Trost
  57. “Anyone can dig trash in someone. Be the someone who digs the treasure in anyone.” – Alexander Trost
  58. “Whenever you think it is going nowhere, there will be a light shining from somewhere.
    Be that light for someone!” – Alexander Trost

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