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Learning from the True Leaders: Mothers

The other day, I came across a woman’s post (anonymous) debating on how women can never make it right. Her statement was something like this: A working woman without kids is selfish, a working woman with kids is a bad mom and a stay-home mom with kids is a lazy bum.

This comment prompted some thoughts along those three categories. As for the first group, having kids or not should remain and be respected as a very personal choice – especially since “not having kids” is not always by choice. To that second group of working moms, I can only salute. While everyone talks about work-life-integration or life balance, those women struggle with a work-work-life-integration as their real work awaits after their daytime jobs. The third group of stay-home moms finally belongs to a professional group which is greatly underappreciated by modern society, especially as many people don’t consider it as a profession in the first place. Therefore, I do hope that the question “Is your wife working?” will be eliminated from our vocabulary, since it implies that just being a mother is no work – when it fact, it might be the toughest and most important job there is: Nurturing future generations. So, here goes my kudos to stay-home moms – and dads.

Let us bring the job “Mother” into the corporate world by considering a mother-child relation as a boss-employee relation with the motherly boss wearing a constant SMiLe by being a Specialist, a Manager and a Leader. In her role as a specialist, a mother gives advices for all kinds of situations in life. She is an expert in many functions and passes on all her experiences without withholding information. As a manager, she plans the days, schedules multiple activities, sets the right priorities and manages the scarce resources of time and money. As a leader finally, a mother creates an environment of trust and safety. Her aspirational vision in mind is translated and communicated along clear objectives and expectations. In executing her strategy, she acts as role model, walking the talk every day. Good achievements are awarded on the spot and “employees” receive feedback immediately rather than in annual appraisals. Mothers motivate their “employees”, helping them to be successful, lifting them up to their best talents and strengths as well as catching them when they fall, while still getting the job done. Mothers always put their “employees” over themselves.

So whatever position you hold today, thank your mother for being your first true leader as a great coach and mentor. And, if you are blessed that she is still around, give her a call today.

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