Takes on Life

Take Life easy with these Takes on Life

For your Life Journey

  • Learn from the Past as your Teacher
  • Embrace the Presence as your Mentor
  • Follow the Future as your Leader
  • Don’t be afraid of failure. Be aware of learning the lesson
  • Don’t care so much what others think of you, but rather think of how you can care for others

The original and very literal meaning of “Success” is “following after”.

What if living a successful life were not so much about achieving one goal after the other, but rather following after your calling?

Do you know your calling?

If the worst part of your job is still worth the job, you may have found your dream job.


Your best personal brand is your CHARACTER; a character based on integrity, humanity and serenity.

Your best corporate brand is your CULTURE; a culture based on trust and respect.

Life can be so easy once we stop trying so hard to complicate it.

  • Just be and let others be
  • Take yourself less serious and others more curious
  • See the good intentions in people and the lesson to be learnt in every situation
  • Thank “difficult” people for the opportunity to grow
  • Make serenity the true source of life energy
  • Choose mindful habits every day: Visualize positive outcome, pause, focus, forgive self and others, be grateful.


“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” – Carl Jung

Simplify your life!

“The greatest deed we can ever seed, is to help a fellow human in need.” – Alexander Trost

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