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Inspiring a Culture of Trust & Making a Positive Difference in the Lives of People by Intentionally Being Different
ATvisor™ was founded by Alexander Trost in 2005 with the initial intention to provide professional advice at a competitive price to small and medium sized enterprises in the field of Human Capital / Leadership &...
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ATvisor™ is the perfect One-stop Change Solution Provider, inspiring a culture of trust and respect. Along with our ATvisor™ Mission “Making a Positive Difference in the Lives of People who want to make a Difference”, our Service...
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Engaging People, Leading Change, Making Differences in Lives   “I met Alexander Trost when he conducted a change management training program for our organization. Alexander impressed me at many levels. The pre-training preparation was meticulous,...
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Be it the development of individuals or groups, ATvisor™ takes Education literally by its Latin origins “educere”, meaning “bringing out”. To bring out the best in people, we strive for emphatic listening, mindful questioning and understanding in a trusted environment with the goal of creating a customized solution together. Based on refreshingly different mindsets and lateral thoughts, our intentionally different approaches and practices allow making a lasting positive difference for our clients.  While our process is based on adult education theories, coaching frameworks and competencies as well as latest research results, the outcome is always a unique blend of intentionally different concepts, best suited for each case and situation.


ATvisor™ stands for
Integrity, Sincerity and Simplicity,
fueled by Serenity as the true Source of Life Energy.


Understanding of all Company Functions and their Interdependencies.
Ability to translate Complexity into Simplicity.
Conceptualizing / Business Modelling.
Leading Change / Building Cultures.
Inspiring Sustainable Change of Mindset and Behavior.
Instilling Retention of Learning through Innovative Concept Models.


ATvisor™ is the perfect One-stop Change Solution Provider, inspiring a culture of trust and excitement as well as co-creating a people development landscape that brings out the best of people through coaching, facilitating and consulting.

Live Wiser™

Integrative Self-Development approach blending essential techniques from Coaching, Leading Change, Cognitive Behavior, Mindfulness and Wellness with insights from Behavioral Research, Neuroscience and  Psychology – individually tailored for each client. Live Wiser™ builds on the belief that sustainable behavior change is unleashed by lasting mindset shifts that come from within.

I SMILE© Model

Personal Behavior Change Model, supporting sustainable change following the stages:
Mindset Shift
Leading Change

Li8ht Your LIFE™
Serene Leader©
Lead By Models

Signature Programs of ATvisor™,
designed for Individual Self-Development and Personalized Leadership Development respectively. Discover Your Life, find Your Leadership Style. Be a
Serene Leader©

Intentionally Becoming Different
Self-coaching book published by ATvisor™ and authored by Alexander Trost.

Choose ATvisor – Live Wiser™
Live a Life
you don’t need Leave from
by intentionally being different

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