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Inspiring a Culture of Trust & Making a Positive Difference in the Lives of People by Intentionally Being Different
ATvisor™ was founded by Alexander Trost in 2005 with the initial intention to provide professional advice at a competitive price to small and medium sized enterprises in the field of Human Capital / Leadership &...
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ATvisor™ is the perfect One-stop Change Solution Provider, inspiring a culture of trust and respect. Along with our ATvisor™ Mission “Making a Positive Difference in the Lives of People who want to make a Difference”, our Service...
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Engaging People, Leading Change, Making Differences in Lives   “I met Alexander Trost when he conducted a change management training program for our organization. Alexander impressed me at many levels. The pre-training preparation was meticulous,...
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Be it the development of individuals or groups, ATvisor™ takes Education literally by its Latin origins “educere”, meaning “bringing out”. To bring out the best in people, we strive for emphatic listening, mindful questioning and understanding in a trusted environment with the goal of creating a customized solution together. Based on refreshingly different mindsets and lateral thoughts, our intentionally different approaches and practices allow making a lasting positive difference for our clients.  While our process is based on adult education theories, coaching frameworks and competencies as well as latest research results, the outcome is always a unique blend of intentionally different concepts, best suited for each case and situation.

ATvisor™ stands for Integrity, Sincerity and Simplicity,fueled by Serenity as the true Source of Life Energy.Understanding of all Company FunctionsTranslate Complexity into SimplicityInspiring Sustainable ChangeBuilding CulturesATvisor™ is the Perfect One-stop Change Solution Provider inspiring a culture of trust and co-creating a people development landscape, bringing out the best of people through coaching, facilitating and consulting.

This book is your ticket for an engaging coaching journey of more than half a dozen virtual coaching sessions, guided by carefully crafted models, frameworks and insightful questions.Personal Behavior Change ModelIntention Self-awareness Mindset Shift Incubation Leading Change EnduranceLi8ht Your LIFE™Serene Leader© – Lead By ModelsDesigned for Individual Self-Development andPersonalized Leadership Development respectively.Discover Your Life, find Your Leadership Style.Be a Serene Leader©

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Intentionally Becoming Different


Would you like to become the person you always wanted to be and fulfil your true potential?

Intentionally Becoming Different is an engaging self-development guide to “unfolding your true self.” Using a self-coaching approach, this unique self-help book serves as a virtual coach, setting the reader off on an exciting journey of self-reflection, self-discovery, and self-improvement. Alexander Trost blends life lessons with relevant literature as well as research insights. Every chapter concludes with a series of questions and exercises for the practical application of the theory shared.

“Alexander Trost’s book is a must read for those who choose to be the master of their fate. Wisely carved in wisdom, knowledge and experience, Trost leads us into the realm of mindfulness, effective communication, an understanding of our emotions and a life with purpose. He guides us with clarity into becoming different in order to achieve self-esteem and peak performance in leading a full, fruitful life. A mind changer.” – Lenny Ravich, Author of “Everlasting Optimism” and Co-Founder of

About the Book

Intentionally becoming different is not about just being different for the sake of sticking out from the crowd or ditching some old habits. Intentionally becoming different is about gaining clarity about yourself and unleashing a lasting transformation of creating a better version of yourself. Intentionally becoming different is also not about best practices which have helped other people to become successful. Best practice sharing is not the silver bullet for getting best results. New things emerge by looking at things differently. Intentionally becoming different is about looking at yourself from a different perspective by asking questions you may have never asked yourself. It is about finding out what works best for you by intentionally changing your underlying mindsets as well as your related practices and behaviors. Find the I in your LIFE.

“This book is your ticket for an engaging coaching journey of more than half a dozen virtual coaching sessions, guided by carefully crafted models, frameworks and insightful questions.”

Purchasing Options

See reviews and choose your preferred purchasing platform on Goodreads. Since this is a workbook with space for notes, we suggest the paperback/hardcover version.

Get an autographed copy of our self-coaching book and/or discounted e-coaching directly from the author at our Academy of ATvisor™.

Check our 5-Star rating on Reedsy Discovery and read a sneak preview of the first chapter. Read further book reviews by Review Tales, N.N. Light’s Book Heaven and Proof Positive.

“It feels as if Alexander Trost wrote a book just for me and titled it: ‘Intentionally Becoming Different’. Then I realized it’s for everyone who needs a road map for both discovering and living their purpose. This masterpiece is a comprehensive guide for filling your life with greater deliberation and intention. Dive in like I did, and you’ll never be the same.” – Scott Jeffrey Miller, Amazon and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of “Management Mess to Leadership Success” and “Everyone Deserves A Great Manager”, columnist and host of FranklinCovey’s On Leadership with Scott Miller podcast


  • “It’s a book for people who do not believe in living a life by default but who want to live a life by design. Warning: The ‘wisdom per square-inch count’ is extremely high in this self-help book.” – Andy S.
  • “I am happy to say the book has been an amazing journey. Certainly need to revisit the book.” – James N.
  • “This book is so good, you may not need a coach anymore.” – Sandra T.
  • “I am intensely working with this book since almost two weeks. Something started within my mind. Somebody called this book as a must read in 2020. That’s definitely true. I already bought a second one to make a gift to a very precious friend of mine.” – Thomas V.
  • “It is like reading Plato.” – Mavis N.
  • “Love the I SMILE approach. Applying it to my situation is giving me peace! Lovely book. Thanks for writing it.” – Maish N.

Watch the recording of an Interview with Author Alexander Trost on Intentionally Becoming Different.

About the Author

Alexander Trost is a Certified Coach, Change Leader, Facilitator, Trainer and Assessor with a successful track record in Mentoring & Coaching, Consulting, People Development, Change Programs, Leadership and General Management, bringing along profound practical experiences. He authored the sold out book “Management by Models” as well as several articles on Leadership, advocating Serenity and Humanity in Leadership. For more details, kindly refer to his Author Page.

“I am impressed by Alexander Trost’s ability to develop others. His EQ and sincerity enable him to quickly establish trust and are the underpinnings of his ability to coach effectively. Alexander himself has been a senior business leader and this experience enables him to relate to the pressures and challenges of his clients, much to the benefit of his readers..” – Dr. Steve Wyatt, Executive Director and Professor (Management & Leadership), University of Bath School of Management

“Alexander Trost is someone I trust – heart, mind, and soul. His knowledge, principles, and wisdom of personal growth capture the essence of being human. And his personal character of quiet confidence, hope, courage, and serenity guides me in becoming the best version of myself to serve others with best intentions.”  – Joon Chang, Senior Director Finance, SouthEast Effective Development (SEED) and Human Catalyst, Digital Wise Owl

Make Serenity the true Source of Life Energy and become the Serene Leader© of your own change from within.

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Interview on Intentionally Becoming Different
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Launching the Academy of ATvisor™
We are excited to launch our Academy of ATvisor™ on Teachable.     Based on our mission to make a positive difference in the lives...
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Book Launch: Intentionally Becoming Different
We are proud to announce our self-coaching book Intentionally Becoming Different published by ATvisor™  Get it. Gift it. Spread it!   "A must read for...
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Academy of ATvisor™

Join our Academy of ATvisor™

on Teachable and explore

our online coaching and people development offerings.

Based on our mission to make a positive difference in the lives of people by intentionally being different, we have lined up a rather different series of coaching options and online courses for you to explore what suits you best:

  • E-Coaching: Get professional coaching and advice at your fingertips via e-mail – anytime, anywhere, at your own pace.
    This program is a flexible and affordable way to start coaching.
  • Self-Coaching: Coach yourself with our Self-Coaching Book, guided by e-Coaching support.
    This program is a great way to discover your true self, the I in your LIFE.
  • Flow-Coaching: Own the Coaching journey at your Own Flow; you speak, we listen – we go with your flow; we will neither interrupt nor advise until You change the flow – and hand it over to us.
    This program lets you speak – sometimes, all we need is someone to listen, to listen with empathy.
  • Integrative Coaching: Follow our unique Coaching approach, blending essential techniques from Coaching, Leading Change, Cognitive Behavior, Mindfulness and Wellness with insights from Behavioral Research, Neuroscience and Psychology. Become the leader of your personal change with I SMILE©.
    This program is based on our ATvisor – Live Wiser™ concept and leaves no stone unturned.
  • Self-Development: Li8ht Your LIFE™ is designed for people who resonate with the insight and drive to transform their lives.
    This customizable program enables a sustainable personal change in mindset and behavior towards an enriched and balanced life, a life you don’t need leave from.
  • Leadership Development: Unfold the Serene Leader© in You is a self-paced online Leadership Development Program to find the Y in Your individual Leadership STYLE. Lead by Models – Become a Role Model. Become the Leader whom People want to follow.
    This program allows you to find the natural successful leader in you, rather than following practices which made others successful.

Explore our Courses at the Academy of ATvisor™ now!

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