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People-centric change approaches that stick

The most powerful book about change

Unfold your true self with Intentionally Becoming Different, a unique self-help book that sets the reader off on an exciting journey of self-reflection, self-discovery, and self-improvement.

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Enabling sustainable and successful change for organizations, teams, and individuals

Most change projects, on individual as well as on corporate level, are doomed to fail. At ATvisor™, we see a correlation between people fearing change and change projects failing. Therefore, we designed people-centric change approaches that stick.

Be it the development of individuals or groups, ATvisor™ takes “development” literally by its original meaning of “unfolding”. To unfold the best in people and organizations, we strive for emphatic listening, mindful questioning and understanding in a trusted environment with the goal of creating a customized solution together.

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Leading behavioral change

ATvisor™ is the perfect one-stop change solution provider – making your change stick. Be it for individuals, intact teams, cross-functional groups or organizations, great results are generated through lasting behavior changes, which are ignited by mindset shifts, by seeing and doing things differently.
At ATvisor™, we believe that people are generally acting and behaving to their best abilities and capabilities. In order to change sustainably, people have to gain clarity and understand why they are where they are – and what kept them from changing so far.
Starting with refreshingly different thoughts and mindsets, we use our deep and broad understanding of all company functions and their interdependencies to translate complexity into simplicity. Our focus is less on business processes and systems, but rather on the people who run the business.
Bring the best out of your teams by inspiring a Culture of Trust and Excitement to enable high employee engagement through intentionally different people-centric approaches
Why ATvisor™

Making your Change stick

At ATvisor™, we believe that people are generally acting and behaving to their best abilities and capabilities. Therefore, every change starts with a change in mindset.

We value wellbeing and confidentiality

Client confidentiality and wellbeing is our utmost priority. ATvisor™ abides by the Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC) Code of Ethics.

Our approach is intentionally different

While our process is based on adult education theories and coaching frameworks the outcome is always a unique blend of intentionally different concepts, best suited for each case and situation.

We are people-centric

Leaders state that ‘Leading People through Change’ seems to be one of the most pressing leadership tasks. Therefore, we designed people-centric change approaches that stick.

“There is no ‘leading business’. Since people ARE the business, ‘leading people’ is the serious business.” – Alexander Trost

We provide professional advice at a competitive price

We are well aware that operating within budgets is always a challenge. Developing people however, should never be detained through monetary constraints. Therefore, we collaborate with a network of partners. This allows us to bring in the best-fit expert while keeping the cost low.


We have designed our very own Change Model, which has been successfully applied to teams and individuals: Intention, Self-awareness, Mindset Shift, Incubation, Leading Change, Endurance.

Li8ht Your LIFE™

Li8ht Your LIFE™ is for people who resonate with the insight and drive to transform their lives. It enables a sustainable personal change in mindset and behavior towards an enriched and balanced life.
Academy of ATvisor™

Live and lead wiser

Based on our mission to make a positive difference in the lives of people by intentionally being different, we have lined up a rather different series of coaching options and online courses for you to explore what suits you best such as Integrative Coaching, Self-Development, and Leadership Development.

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Integrative Coaching at your Fingertips – Anytime & Anywhere; for 2 Months, limited to 10 e-Mails

Put EFFORT in yourself with STYLE

Most Powerful Book about Change

Intentionally Becoming Different

Intentionally Becoming Different is an engaging self-development guide to “unfolding your true self.” Using a self-coaching approach, this unique self-help book serves as a virtual coach, setting the reader off on an exciting journey of self-reflection, self-discovery, and self-improvement. Alexander Trost blends life lessons with relevant literature as well as research insights. Every chapter concludes with a series of questions and exercises for the practical application of the theory shared.
Meet Alexander Trost

A change leader and reflective listener

Alexander Trost is a certified coach, change leader, facilitator, trainer and assessor with a successful track record in mentoring and coaching, consulting, people development, change programs, leadership and general management, bringing along profound practical experiences. He authored the sold out book “Management by Models” as well as several articles on leadership, advocatingserenity and humanity in leadership.

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Making your change
successful and sustainable

Get intentionally different perspectives and fresh insights on change.
Embrace your change and make it stick.

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