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TR2UST – Trust, Respect and Responsibility Unleash Success Together.

In the complex spheres of professional and private life, everything boils eventually down to two simple dimensions: Relationships and Results. Delivering sustainable Results depicts the rather IQ-driven performance dimension of processes, systems and competencies ensuring reliable outcomes. The ability to build healthy Relationships is the more EQ-driven behaviour dimension of communication, collaboration and empathy. A Result can be anything from dressing in the morning, buying groceries or writing an e-mail to closing a big business deal or building that dream house. Relationships are defined by any human interaction from small talk to friendship or any kind of partnership. Good Relationships do not only boost productivity, they are also a key factor for longevity. While an environment of healthy Relationships will eventually also deliver good Results, the opposite is not necessarily true. Yet, our daily focus is more on achieving Results by managing related tasks and performances rather than on building Relationships by leading as role model. This may be rooted in the fact that in the progress of achieving Results we feel in control and get the instant recognition for the outcome. When building Relationships on the other hand, we may feel like being in the control of others, hence vulnerable and the benefits cannot be seen or measured easily nor immediately.


Both however, Results and Relationships, have their seeds in Trust. It is therefore not surprising, that we find two trust dimensions as well: Trust in Character (for the Relationship dimension) and Trust in Capacity (for the Result dimension), as illustrated by the inserted graph.

We derive Trust in Character from the alignment of another person’s values and principles, such as integrity, humility or good intent, with our own ones. Once coupled with mutual respect, trusted characters build unbreakable relationships.

To Trust in someone’s Capacity, we evaluate a person’s ability to perform certain tasks, looking at the different competence components (i.e. knowledge, skills and attitude) as well as the inherent talent. However, only coupled with a high sense of responsibility can trusted capacity be fully converted into outstanding results.

Thus, to unleash success together – as a group, privately or professionally – facilitate people in their trust building process toward you. Earn trust in your character by e.g. defining, communicating and living your personal set of values and principles, always giving appropriate respect to others. Encourage trust in your capacity by e.g. knowing your intrinsic talents and by upgrading your competences, owning up to the responsibility to fully utilizing your capacity – and just have trust in yourself!

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