Bring Simplicity into Diversity

In its very original Latin meaning, diversity just expresses that people have turned different ways. In that sense, we can make diversity truly happen by switching from “your way or my way or the highway” to “our way”. Embracing diversity is not only a key requirement for being a great coach or leader, but also the source for every breakthrough change or innovation. Amazing new things and relationships hardly emerged from same old soup like-minded thinking or best practice sharing. Great things and relationships emerge through mindset shifts – mindset shifts instilled by being open-minded, by being truly open for other opinions and views. As the great and late Stephen R. Covey put it so powerfully: “If two people have the same opinion, one is unnecessary.” My humble suggestion is to embrace diversity as differences impartially valued excel results substantially in teams & yourself.

While there is much fuzz and buzz around diversity and inclusion, all those efforts seem to have become counterproductive – at least by looking at the numbers. Let us make diversity happen by ditching all the roles we play and all the judgements we carry. Whenever we meet a person, let us not meet another gender, race or nationality – let us meet another human being while celebrating them being different. In other words, simply put ‘Humanity’ as the biggest common denominator in any activity around ‘Diversity’.

  • “Our ability to reach unity in diversity is the beauty and the test of our civilization” – Mahatma Gandhi
  • The greatest deed we can ever seed, is to help a fellow human in need
  • Always act from a place of love with empathy and react with compassion from a state of serenity

It is never about the situation. It is always about our reaction.

Be different. Make a difference. Make Diversity = Diverse + Equality!

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