why are you

WHY are You?

“Why are You?” may sound like a rather unusual question to you.

Have you noticed that whenever we introduce ourselves or get introduced by some else, it is all about the WHAT?

It is about what we are doing now, what we have achieved in life, what our marital status is or what we like to do in our free time.

why are youLatest since Simon Sinek however, we know that the HOW and WHY are so much more important than the what.

HOW are you living your life? Have you identified the core values you stand for and have you defined the principles you live by?

More importantly, WHY are you around? Can you formulate your life mission, purpose, passion and/or legacy you want to leave behind?

While we always talk about the WHAT, our HOW and WHY define WHO we truly are.

As Nietzsche said, “if you know your WHY, you can go through any HOW.”

And Fromm complements this by saying, “if you are WHAT you have, WHO are you when you loose what you have?”

What is your WHY that truly defines WHO you are?

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To dive deeper into your WHY, you may want to reflect on some What If’s:

  • What If we are not earthly beings on a spiritual exploration, rather spiritual beings on an earthly experience?
  • What If we are not learning for life, rather living to learn – life after life?
  • What If we might be able to plan our next destination while the destiny has already been planned?
  • What If we can choose our direction while our next step is directed?
  • What If everything happens for a good reason – once we are able to reason about the good reason?
  • What If everything that happens to us is actually orchestrated by us?

What If only one of these What If’s were true – what would it mean for you?

Looking forward to your comments on LinkedIn.


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