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why are you

WHY are You?

“Why are You?” may sound like a rather unusual question to you. Have you noticed that whenever we introduce ourselves or get introduced by some else, it is all about the WHAT? It is about what we are doing now, what we have achieved in life, what our marital status is or what we like …

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“Mastering Life” is most pressing Development Need for People

“Mastering Life” seems the most pressing development need for people, according to our relatively representative LinkedIn poll with 101 participants from a rather diverse background. We also seem to have chosen the right development areas in “Leading Self”, “Leading Others” and “Mastering Life” since only 4% of the poll participants voted for “Others”. The fact …

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Jive your Life in Five

Five thoughts to bring more Jive into your Life   1) Overcome Anxiety as it is your major Enemy Anxiety is an overly dramatic projection and fearful use of imagination. Objectively, anxiety is irrational and impractical. Anxiety stops us from experimenting, changing, growing. Anxiety makes us sick, mentally and physically. Let go of anxiety through …

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Master Your Life & Leadership Style through Self-Awareness

Literature on leadership fills bookshelves with increasing growth rates and thousands of inspiring leadership articles are published on social media evert day. After intensive study of leadership books and training courses, two main themes seem to crystallize: Firstly, great leaders are those who master and develop themselves based on positive values and principles. Secondly, engaging …

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Takes on Life

Take Life easy with these Takes on Life For your Life Journey Learn from the Past as your Teacher Embrace the Presence as your Mentor Follow the Future as your Leader Don’t be afraid of failure. Be aware of learning the lesson Don’t care so much what others think of you, but rather think of …

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Be Time-Wise

In these busy and hectic days, everybody seems to run after time – or rather out of time, looking eagerly for time management concepts. “Time Management” however is a misnomer. By definition, management is about control. While time ticks away second by second, we cannot control time. We cannot stop time, speed up time or …

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