Employee Engagement

People centric, people before processes, purpose, meaningful work, trusted environment, transparency, clear vision and diligent execution

Be in (a) Good Company

Yes, you can read the title in two ways. “Be in a good company” or “Be in good company”. But shouldn’t it be the same? Shouldn’t being in a good company also mean being in good company? As much has been written and discussed on how to master work-life-balance, work-life-integration, worklife-harmony or simply life harmony, …

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Corporate Misnomers

“Nomen est Omen”, a name is like a sign, taught already the Old Romans. And true, a name is a sign, a name defines, a name sets minds. Becoming parents spend months on finding an appropriate name for their yet unborn, believing that the name will impact the character, personality and even destiny of their …

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Leadership in One Paragraph

A picture says more than thousand words. Just two metaphors can describe great leadership: A Compass and a Coach. Like a Compass, great leaders show the right direction based on visionary insights without micromanaging the journey. Like a Coach, great leaders engage people to achieve success together, developing individual strengths and ensuring that nobody is …

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ATvisor™ Voices

Exited to share that our ATvisor™ Voices Webpage has been published. With thanks and gratitude for the trust and support. Choose ATvisor – Live wiser™. Intentionally being different to live a life you don’t need leave from.   © ATvisor™

Trust Bridge

A TR2UST Framework

TR2UST – Trust, Respect and Responsibility Unleash Success Together. In the complex spheres of professional and private life, everything boils eventually down to two simple dimensions: Relationships and Results. Delivering sustainable Results depicts the rather IQ-driven performance dimension of processes, systems and competencies ensuring reliable outcomes. The ability to build healthy Relationships is the more …

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People are the business

People ARE the Business

As long as announcements on job cuts are applauded by stock markets with increasing share prices, any talk on employee/people-centric leadership is merely an echo to the drums of the shareholders. Ethical leadership emerges through Serene Leaders© who understand employees as the most important stakeholders – in words and in actions. Imagine a company culture …

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360 Degree Leader

Be a 360-Degree-Leader

One of my favorite quotes on leadership is from John C. Maxwell who states: “It’s not the position that makes the leader; it’s the leader that makes the position.” In a paraphrased manner, this means for me not to aim for the position where people have to follow but to be the person whom people …

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