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why are you

WHY are You?

“Why are You?” may sound like a rather unusual question to you. Have you noticed that whenever we introduce ourselves or get introduced by some else, it is all about the WHAT? It is about what we are doing now, what we have achieved in life, what our marital status is or what we like …

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Leading People through Change

“What is the most pressing leadership tasks for the months to come?” was our question of a recent poll. Thanks to the 124 participants of a well-balanced mix in gender, nationality, function and position, who made this poll quite representative. Based on our discussions with leaders, we were hoping and assuming that “Leading People through …

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Master Your Life – Lead Yourself

“Master Your Life – Lead Yourself” is a bite-sized self-development journey, delivered virtually or physically, tailored for regional and global teams. The content is split over 3 sessions and covers topics such as self-discovery, mindset shift & change, resilience & optimism as well as mindfulness. Every content session is followed by a reflection session after …

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Life is 2-Dimensional

“Life can be so easy once we stop trying so hard to complicate” is a core quote of our self-coaching book Intentionally Becoming Different. While many of us struggle with the complexity of life and its difficult passages, everything in life boils down to 2 dimensions: Results and Relationships. Results can be anything from a …

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